Let me tell you, this past year hasn't been exactly easy, and at times it has been downright brutal. Financially, it has been a rough stretch and really, if you think about it, everything basically comes down to money, sadly but truthfully.

I had a great career and for many years life had been going my way and the way that I had planned it—every little detail. The economic situation, while not too bad for some lately, hit my company like a ton of bricks. The company eventually pulled the downsizing card, my number was up and I was out of a job. Fifteen years fled into the rear view and I was left wondering how and most importantly what to do next.

I began working these dead-end jobs that I went into with an open heart and a sense of urgency but the reality always sank in that it was always going to be this way and essentially it would become as what the label says, a dead end.

This Type of Couponing is More Than Effective

Through many sleepless nights, I would toss and turn, then eventually head downstairs and start surfing the web for any good job leads or what not. One particular evening I was online and I must have clicked on a wrong link or something but I ended up landing onto this website called “Livingrichwithcoupons.com”, and to say that my life didn’t change that night would be an absolute lie. It was the revelation I was looking for, what I needed and from the exterior it just looked like another gimmick that was trying to reel you into to blowing money on a mirage that I didn’t even have, but thankfully it was anything but.

The concept was based on Owner/Operator Cindy Livesey and how in 2009, she too had lost her job and found herself going through some similar tough times. She might have had it a little worse than me because she was severely in debt, due to a college tuition that she was still in the progress of paying off.

The idea of collecting and saving coupons struck her and before she knew it, she was able to save her family $11,000 dollars within the first year, which eventually led herself and her family to survive six months of having only unemployment as their main source of income.

A Story of Inspiration

This story had become nothing short of a revelation for me and I was hooked on tracing the exact steps that Cindy took to stave off the heavy downfall of being without a steady income. The inspiration behind the website is simple, get the largest amount of groceries you can with spending the smallest amount of money possible.

The concept and the layout of the website are phenomenal. And finding the coupons you want is so convenient, unlike the old days where we had to rummage through the newspapers and flyers, flipping through pages, researching what would be the best deal and trying to line them up with stuff that you would actually enjoy—something that wasn’t easy to say the least. The site actually tells you how to keep everything organized and as to what would be your best bet for the most economical trip to the grocery store.

An Hour is All You Need

Because of the way life is, the only allotment of time most of us can devote to coupon collecting is only about 1-3 hours a week, usually leading to getting only half of the things that you wanted. An hour a week doesn't seem like much but now you have the potential to save 25-40% on groceries for the week by using the information from the site, and if you put even more time into it, the sky is virtually the limit. I have heard that some of the veteran coupon collectors and website devotees can actually save up to 50-70% a week on their grocery bill.

Just recently, I have heard that using coupons is becoming a pretty popular thing to do and judging by the results, I can see why. To many, the whole idea behind the method feels like a complicated and daunting thing to do, just to save some money on food. But let me personally say to them that, when you get your receipt in hand after your first trip to the grocery store, after checking out Livingrichwithcoupons.com or my site, you would agree that the money you save make the whole couponing thing worth it!

One of the very first things to do, according to Cindy is to find match-ups in our local areas. There are sites that help you find the match ups, like Sarah’s of MoneySavingQueen. These sites do mostly all the work so even if you have a busy schedule, the process of collecting coupons has become astonishingly easier.

Start Out Small

One of the most important elements to success with couponing is to start out on a smaller scale because when you first start out, the whole idea behind everything, plus navigating through the different sites, can be a bit of an overwhelming challenge but like with everything else in life, a little practice goes a long way.

The central idea is to find just one store and simply start out couponing with it. Just like Cindy has said to do, do not try everything at once. Cindy began shopping at her local drugstore, stocking up on health products and groceries and escalated a little more with time.

Cindy points that even though some of us have special dietary restrictions, like a gluten-free diet, we are able to work around those details and still effectively save money the same way we would if we didn’t have those restrictions.

Cindy made one of her first great points by saying that if you keep an eye out for promotions, there is always free stuff to be had, which obviously would save us a lot of money. She also made a great point in saying that if you apply a coupon that matches the value of the product, you could end up getting it for free.

Another one of the keys to success is to always stock up on items that represent your staple diet, in your pantry at all times. The biggest mistake that most people make once they get a coupon is to NOT wait until the particular product goes on sale, which would essentially double the discount. Almost all products go on sale once a month.

Coupons Really Can Help if You do it Correctly

Learning and understanding the concept behind couponing was a real, honest life changer for me when I desperately needed it. It isn’t a miracle that is going to appear on your doorstep overnight but with a little can-do attitude and the want, these ideas, really do honestly work and it has provided me with a hope and substantial financial support.